My name is Dawn Beaven, I am 44 years old. For many years I worked in the entertainment business, this also included performing horse and motorbike stunts. I trained in Karate for eight years, so I was very fit and active. At the age of 24 I had silicone breast implants put in. At the time it was mainly for myself as I had a complex about being flat chested! For many years I was fine, the implants looked great, felt ok and gave me lots of confidence.

This was all about to change..

In June 1998 I found a small pea sized lump in my left breast, which I never even considered might be related to the implants, my first thought was cancer. Upon being referred to a cancer specialist I was given an ultrasound and it was found that my left implant had ruptured.The implants were removed and replaced within two weeks. Three months later infection set in and I developed Necrosis. I had a hole 2 inches wide in my breast and the implant was hanging out of my body (to visualise this there are pictures of Necrosis on the picture page). The infected implant was taken out and I was left with one breast for three months. One cannot imagine the emotional torment you go through when you’re body is in this state.. finally after 3 major operations it was decided to remove the remaining implant.

I thought this was the end, but it was just the beginning…


Dawn Beaven