If I had known fourteen years ago what I have learnt in the past two years I would NEVER have had silicone breast implants put into my body.’

Below are some facts and information that I have gathered about silicone breast implants.1) Did you know that there are an estimated 2 million women suffering around the world from silicone related illnesses including ME, MS and Rheumatoid Arthritis just to name a few. (There are over 130 different listed illnesses caused by silicone implants)

2) The FDA never licensed Silicone Breast Implants when they originally came out in the 60’s.

3) All implants leak (gel bleed) from the moment they are manufactured. The bags containing the gel are porous and leak whether they are intact or not.

4) Most of the women in Japan in the 60’s who had silicone directly injected into their chest are dead now from silicone related disorders.

5) We are told that in America bodies cannot be buired with implants in them, as they are toxic. Yet in the UK they insist that implants are not toxic.

6) There are an estimated 60,000 silicone sufferers in the UK.

7) When implants are manufactured they come with a warning not to be implanted into sick women and yet 50% of women who have implants, have them put in as result of cancer.

8) Plastic surgeons are told to wash the gel bleed off the implants before showing them to perspective clients.

9) 70% of implants rupture within 7 years.

10) When a women with ruptured implants becomes pregnant, she risks the baby being born with brain damage due to the silicone travelling to the reproductive organs.

11) Silicone implants were taken off the market several years ago in America, Japan and a number of other countries.

12) Poisoning is also found in various silicone joint replacements.

All the above information is based upon documentation I have recieved whilst researching
into this subject.

The best option is not to have breast implants at all…